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About us

Our Story

Heart and passion in everything is how the JNRM Corporation story began.

For more than three decades, passion is at the core of its business, creating premium food products that are feasts to the palate.

From a small business capital of 800 pesos, JNRM Corporation is now a successful enterprise of delicious, quality, and original flavors thoughtfully created and honed by generations of families. The company is behind the Green Leaves brand of mixes,
and flavors enjoyed by bakers, chefs, foodies, and homemakers for many years.

JNRM's heart and passion go beyond the company as its products also benefit the livelihood of various local communities. Also proof of the company's success and innovation is their expansion into a group of companies that bring out life's simple, sweet pleasures in many ways.

Our Commitment to Quality and Improvement

The company is dedicated to continuous improvement and invests in the best equipment and human resource development in order to deliver food products of highest quality and compete global standards.




Group of Companies

Food Division
JNRM Corporation supplies only the best selection of premium flavors, mixes, and baking ingredients to passionate home chefs and bakers, industries, and popular restaurants and kitchens in the Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

Wellness Naturale Corporation is a source of herbal products like supplements, coffee, eco-friendly home care, natural and organic personal care and cosmetics.

NewYou Marketing Corporation offers systems solutions to raise business
productivity through payroll, energy saving, and security systems for several
local and American companies.

PSEJ Foundation Focuses on a better future for communities and the world through religious outreach, education, and health work.